TCX’s teams have produced a series of documents to explain in detail key concepts about the Fund and key topics that are recurrent when dealing with local currency. The list is provided below.

The clients who wish to have access to one or more of these documents can contact their TCX Relationship Manager or send an email to [email protected].

1 TCX overview
1.1 Onboarding process
1.2 Trading with TCX
1.3 TCX MFX cooperation
1.4 TCX MFX FCC cooperation
1.5 How funds can use TCX
1.6 How solar companies can use TCX
1.7 How banks can use TCX
1.7 How local banks can use TCX
1.9 Assignment
2.5 Capital Requirement Event
3.0 TCX products
3.1 Applications of currency deriviatives
3.3.1 Synthetic Loan & NDS
3.3.2 Synthetic Loan & NDS – extended version
3.4.1 NDF Excel
3.4.2 NDF Excel user guide
3.5.1 CCS Excel
3.5.2 CCS Excel user guide
3.6 Price freezing product
3.7 Inflation-linked cross-currency swaps
3.8 Frontier local-currency bonds
3.9 TCX Frontier Index
4.6 Translating a USD or EUR margin into local currency
4.7 ‘Must-have’ provisions for legal documentation
5.0 Mark-to-market
5.1 Interpreting mark-to-market
5.2 Collateral calls
5.3 Currency-conversion clauses
5.4 Unwinds
5.5 How a synthetic local-currency loan protects against systemic risk
6.1 Restructuring during COVID-19
6.2 Hedging deposits
6.3.1 Hedging NGOs
6.3.2 Hedging NGOs
6.4 Managing the public sector
7.0 Offgrid case studies
8.0 The European Commission Pricing Facility
9.0 Information Channels