TCX generates crucial development impact by protecting the most vulnerable from financial volatility emanating from currency risk. This is achieved by offering currency risk hedging products to promote and facilitate lending denominated in local currencies.

By carrying the currency risk for borrowers in emerging and frontier markets, and shifting it to private markets, TCX enhances the sustainability, transparency and efficiency of development finance. TCX fundamentally differs from most other DFIs in the sense that is does not provide any funding, e.g. for projects which aim to achieve objectives such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). Rather, TCX improves the financial stability and sustainability of such projects.

TCX’s development impact can be measured by the efficient allocation of currency risk in development finance, ultimately enabling its shareholders and partners to achieve certain SDGs. An important tool in this regard is the Impact Dashboard, which, according to our Impact Measurement and Reporting Framework measures and visualizes the impact TCX has. We kindly invite you take a look.

For more information, please also consult our Impact Principles, Theory of Change, our Impact Report 2020, our Environmental & Social Guidelines and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, all found in this section of our website.