We are proud to announce that TCX is managed in alignment with the ‘Operating Principles for Impact Management’. These principles provide a framework for investors to ensure that impact considerations are integrated throughout an investment lifecycle. The Impact Principles were developed by IFC, in collaboration with private and public sectors asset owners and asset managers.

Impact investing can be defined as investments made into companies or organizations with the intent to contribute to measurable positive social or environmental impact, alongside financial returns. By providing greater discipline and transparency in impact investing, IFC and the other signatories intended to foster increased mobilization of capital for impact and a high standard for the social and environmental impact that these funds could achieve.

Cardano Development, owner of TCX Investment Management Company BV (TIM), the fund manager of TCX, is one of the signatories to the Impact Principles. Launched in April 2019 with 58 signatories, this number is now over 100 and growing. Please read more about these principles here.