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What is TCX Fund?

TCX Fund (TCX or the Fund) is a fund whose corporate base and offices are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The fund was established in 2007 by a group of international development finance institutions (DFIs), following an initiative by FMO, the Dutch development bank.

Who owns the Fund?

What is the Fund's mandate?

Who manages the Fund?

What does TCX Fund actually do?

What does exchange rate risk mean in this context?

What is the underlying issue or problem that TCX seeks to address?

What products or services does TCX provide?

What is a typical TCX transaction structure?

Who are TCX's clients?

In what countries does TCX operate?

What type of industries benefit most from TCX's existence?

How does TCX manage the risks that it covers?

Is local currency finance supported by TCX more expensive than hard currency finance?

Has the Fund been operationally successful?

What has been the development impact of the Fund so far?