Currencies Capabilities Map

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information below is provided for information purposes only and is reviewed periodically and revised on a case-by-case basis to reflect changing market circumstances.  It may therefore differ from the text in your existing trade confirmations.  No rights can be derived from the data below.

The table below provides for each currency and country actively quoted by TCX, the main local currency floating rate benchmark approved by TCX to price floating rate transactions and the maximum tenor that TCX can offer for fixed rate transactions.

More currencies can be offered based on demand, please contact should you wish to trade a country that is not listed.

Countries and benchmarks

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Country ISO Floating Rate Benchmarks Source of data * Max. Fixed Rate Tenors
Albania ALL 6 months T-bills (avg deal tenor > 3 yr) Bank of Albania 10 yrs fixed
Algeria DZD 6 months T-bills 10 yrs fixed
Angola AOA 6 months T-bills Banco Nacional de Angola 7.5 yrs fixed
Argentina ARS 30-35d BADLAR Private Banks Bloomberg. The code is: BADLARPP Index   15 yrs fixed
Armenia AMD 6 months T-bills Central Bank of Armenia, under "Publications", "Messages and announcements". 15 yrs fixed
Azerbaijan AZN No floating rate benchmark available Baku Stock Exchange, in the press releases, T-bonds results 5 yrs fixed