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The development impact of local currency solutions

In 2017, TCX celebrates its 10th year of operation. To highlight this occasion and to report to the donors on the use of their funding, TCX commissioned Carnegie Consult to conduct an evaluation of this  period. While the periodic financial and impact reports of TCX contain ample information on the volumes, breadth and relevance of TCX’s activities, this evaluation provides an independent in-depth assessment of the added value of those activities.

TCX celebrates 10 years of achievement

Interview with CEO Ruurd Brouwer in Development Finance magazine.

TCX facilitates sustainable local currency financing solutions to enhance off-grid access to clean solar energy

Solar home systems provider M-KOPA’s products and pricing are designed specifically for low-income homes. To support its regional expansion, one of the funds of responsAbility Investments AG has provided M-KOPA with indexed loans in Uganda shillings and Kenyan shillings, each amounting to USD 1 million. By matching M-KOPA's currency cash flows these loans strengthen its credit score. MFX and TCX have supported responsAbility's local currency lending by offering currency hedging solutions when commercial products were not available.

Innovative facility to increase investment in Myanmar’s microfinance sector

Access to much-needed capital will improve in Myanmar’s microfinance sector, following an agreement between The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX) and the Livelihoods and Food
Security Multi-Donor Trust Fund (LIFT).
Please read the press release (PDF) for more information.

Valutarisico afdekken in ontwikkelingslanden vereist 'avontuurlijk oog' (Dutch)

Article/interview about TCX in 'Pensioen Pro', a Dutch magazine for the pension sector.

Clean energy without currency risk

"Foreign exchange risks have caused a hurdle to rolling out renewable energy technologies in some countries. But now development finance institutions are helping firms manage the risk and expand their operations." Read the full article on the Climate & Development Knowledge Network (CDKN).

Interview with Ruurd Brouwer in OFID Quarterly

TCX's CEO Ruurd Brouwer was recently interviewed by OFID, the OPEC Fund for International Development. In the interview, Ruurd explains why local currency matters for development. Please find a copy of the interview attached.